Junior Musical – 6.30pm, 7 September

Please join us as the Year One and Two students perform ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Rapunzel’ in the LPAC on Thursday 7 September.

FREE tickets can be booked through Trybookings. The performance will be professionally filmed and DVDs can be ordered for $20.00.

We look forward to seeing you at this gala performance!

Year Five & Six Musical

Hoodwinked is a swashbuckling musical with a modern take on the ‘Robin Hood’ story. It will be performed by our senior students in Years Five and Six at 6.30pm on Thursday 29 June in the Loreto Performing Arts Centre.

Robin Hood is back in town, along with Maid Marian, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Friar Tuck and Richard the Lionheart. Will Robin Hood succeed in his plight to free the nation from tyranny? Will Maid Marian get her man?

This promises to be a fun filled performance. Students have been very committed to rehearsals and parents have been assisting in set design and production. Specialist Music and Choreography teachers have been involved in this production.

IPSHA Speaker of the Year Award


The two finalists for the Loreto Speaker of the Year Awards, Kiran McLernon and Lucy De Leo, will be presenting their speeches at the IPSHA Speaker Awards to be held at Scotch College on Wednesday 22 June.  Best wishes to these students as they represent Loreto Nedlands at this event.

Music Scholarship Recipients


I am delighted to announce that a number of our Year Six students have received music scholarships for their secondary education commencing in 2017.  We congratulate the following students, and their parents and tutors, for receiving scholarships as a testament to their dedication to their music studies at Loreto Nedlands:

  • Connor Wilson
  • Amelie Ong
  • Madeleine Ong
  • Evie Whittington