Latest News at Loreto Nedlands



These last two weeks have given us much to celebrate and be grateful for as members of the Loreto Nedlands school community. We are continuing to enjoy great success for our students as they participate in various sections of the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival., All achievements will be acknowledged at the conclusion of the festival, but needless to say, we can be very proud of the participation of all our students. The hard work of all our tutors and Mrs Liz Leith and Mrs Kathryn Horton, in particular, has been rewarded with outstanding performances from so many students. In addition to this we have recently held a very successful Cross Country Interschool Carnival. Once again, the students of our school excelled. Their personal achievements were excellent and their sense of sportsmanship and good will towards each other was a joy to see. The contributions of many parent volunteers, in various capacities, on the day once again demonstrated the terrific sense of school spirit that exists at Loreto Nedlands. Sincerest thanks must go to Mr Andrew Boxsell for his hard work in coordinating a very successful carnival.

The Years Two, Four and Six classrooms have been transformed with new contemporary furniture.  These new look classrooms complement the other classrooms that received their new furniture at the end of last year.  The classroom furniture will facilitate an environment for the children to work in a variety of ways, both individually and in groups, and provide a sense of agility within the classrooms.  Contemporary classroom spaces provide teachers with the ability to   quickly configured and reconfigured the room depending on the needs of the students.  The Parents and Friends Association has been most generous in providing the funds to transform our classrooms into 21 Century learning spaces and on behalf of all our teaching staff, I sincerely thank the P&F for their continuing dedication to ensuring the best possible learning environments for all our students.